distinguishes itself through unique features such as a no-commission model, direct communication channels, and a commitment to fostering meaningful connections

Although we welcome projects from various industries and growth stages, Private Capital is typically aimed at estabished businesses.
Private capital projects will usually range from USD 5 million to USD 100 million.

Venture Capital is more suitable for startups.
Some of the investors maybe both, so it is possible to submit your project, but the chances of a match will be significantly slimmer. caters to a diverse spectrum of projects, and funding amounts can vary based on the nature and scale of each venture. While projects seeking investment on our platform generally fall within the range of 5 million to 100 million, the actual funding amount is subject to the specific needs, growth plans, and valuation of each individual project. Our platform provides flexibility to accommodate a wide array of investment requirements, fostering opportunities for projects at different stages of development.

Investors consider factors such as business plans, market potential, leadership, and scalability when evaluating projects on

No, operates on a no-fee model for project submissions. We believe in providing businesses with a cost-free avenue to access potential investors.

To submit your project, simply complete the project submission form, and our platform will  start connecting you with potential investors.
Any interested investor will reach out to you through the contact details you provide.

We prioritize the security and confidentiality of every project on our platform. Confidentiality agreements are established directly between project submitters and potential investors.

Yes, facilitates direct communication between companies and investors, fostering direct connections and relationship-building opportunities. supports various forms of private capital, including venture capital, private equity, and other funding options tailored to diverse business needs.
Projects seeking investment on our platform generally fall within the range of 5 million to 100 million.

Advanced Funding Cooperation
  • Submit your Project for Funding
  • Connect with Potential Investors
  • Build partnerships with Industry Leaders